Sub floor

For many events during the summer months it will be sufficient to simply pin matting directly onto the lawn. This may be supplemented by a waterproof membrane underneath the matting. However, for less reliable surfaces or where a better finish is required then a solid sub-floor is recommended.


Half metre square plastic tiles, 3 centimetre deep, clipped and bolted together. Uncovered the floor is dark grey. We are able to insert black and light grey tiles to create a chequer board dance floor or simply to add a feature at no extra cost.

Carpet or matting

Most events are matted by a woven polypropylene product called Dandy Dura Matting. This is stocked in a neutral colourway referred to as Natural Fleck. It is very robust, easy to clean (so it always is!) and it is woven just a little tighter than alternative natural products so sharp heels stay on the surface.

Spaceintense will provide new carpet to the client’s choice of colour and will arrange for disposal after the event. For a top quality finish we recommend the use of a sub-floor.

Dance floors

Spaceintense provide three alternatives:

Birch ply

Light in colour, 4’ square varnished panels are screwed onto a lattice of under-planking and surrounded by a hardwood edge strip.

Black Acrylic

A shiny black floor is perfect for a nightclub under a star cloth.

Oak boarding

Darker than the birch ply and supplied with a light coloured edge formed from Ash wood.
Other options are available through our network of suppliers.