Tentnology marquees are tensile structures featuring fabric tensioned in two dimensions which creates a sexy double curvature to the profile of the roof. This looks great unlined but sometimes a little dressing goes a long way.

Spaceintense has designed a range or drapes to provide interest or to hide the structural elements of the marquee.

Vertical voile drapes in each corner cover the uprights while pleated horizontal voiles are designed to mask the tubular framework at the eaves. The use of voile fabric in this way softens the lines of the tent.

White voile or Navy coloured curtains can be used to mask a catering annexe or provide discreet access to the kitchen area.

Coloured swags add drama to a ceiling or for a completely magical effect Spaceintense offer navy blue Starcloths tailored to fit the ceiling of a 40′ Hexagonal marquee or a 20′ square. If these are chosen then dark blue flat wall linings complete the installation.

The Spacemodule range of marquees provides versatility in layout design and a dramatic multi-peaked roof.