Zip Bar

A top-quality cocktail bar in stainless steel. The Zip bar can be supplied in a number of configurations. Spaceintense stock both 45° sections and 4ft long straight sections.
These may be combined or used alone. Seven sections create a full round bar (with one section missing to allow access to bar staff).

The interior features stainless steel shelves, internal lighting and power and an ice sink if required. Shelves can be removed to accommodate an under counter fridge.

Classic Bar

To complement the Classic Trestles Spaceintense has created a full round wooden bar made in reclaimed barrel oak. The bar includes shelving under the counter for storage.

Barrel Bar

A rustic ready solution to mount beer or cider casks. May be used against a sidewall for guests to help themselves.

Oak Barrels

Ideal as poseur tables but much more stable for guests to lean on or leave a glass when inspired to dance.