Interior Lighting


Spaceintense has an extensive range of lighting solutions from stock. The most versatile form of marquee lighting is the Up-lighter. Finished in Stainless steel this LED light is placed on the ground around the walls of the marquee and washes soft white light up the walls and pools on the edge of the ceiling. Coloured gels can be placed over the bulb to reduce the brightness and introduce a colour to the décor.

Pendant Chandelier

Stimulated  by Michael Hulls’ brilliant Tungsten Requiem exhibit at Messums Gallery in Wiltshire; we’ve created a set of 10 pendant chandeliers using dimmable LED bulbs in gold tinted glass.  

12 Arm Chandelier

A traditional look for well dressed marquees; finished in antique brass and suspended by a chain from the ridge of the tent chandeliers are generally linked to a dimmer to reduce over head light after dark.

Paper Lanterns

You decide the size (from 4″ up to 36″) , colour (over 20 shades but not all available in all sizes) and the number and we will install. They can be used as decoration without illumination but we tend to install a bulb and control all on a dimmer. They look great in a large venue and can be arranged to your specification.

Halogen Clusters

4 x 150 watt units are mounted on a ring positioned near the base of the central mast of a Tentnology marquee. Even if an event is to take place during the day and the sidewalls are open or windowed 600 watts of Halogen light shining up into the roof will brighten up the ceiling which, in the Space.module range, is opaque.