Spaceintense stock a wide range of different structures made by Tentnology in British Columbia.  In addition to 20’ square marquees we stock triangles, hexagons, diamonds and rectangles each with 20’ (6 metre) sides that can be  guttered together to make an elaborate structure to conform to the shape and size of the lawn or terrace, or provide an exciting footprint for the party.

This structure is particularly suitable for butting up to a building to extend the area available under cover.

Capacity planning

40’ (12m) Hexagon. 40’(12.2m) x 35’4”(10.56m)
Up to 60 to dine and dance or 100 to dine only, 180 standing comfortably.

20’ (6m) Square. 20’(6.1m) x 20’(6.1m)
Up to 20 to dine and dance or 40 to dine only, 70 standing comfortably.

20’ (6m) Triangle. 20’(6.1m) x 17’8”(5.4m)
Up to 12 to dine only, 25 standing comfortably, this structure can stand alone but generally is used in conjunction with a hexagon.

20’ (6m) Diamond. 20’(6.1) x 35’4”(10.56m)
Up to 30 to dine only, 50 standing comfortably, this structure covers a long trestle table beautifully or works well in irregular places.

10/20’ (6.1m x 3.05m) Rectangle
Up to 20 to dine, 40 standing comfortably, can be used as a link or porch to a larger assembly of these modular marquees.

Other sizes are available.   Spaceintense stock 3m, 4m and 5m squares when space or cover demand is limited.