Indirect Marquee heating

The best way to heat a marquee is with a thermostatically controlled indirect gas fired marquee heater.  Indirect means that the heater is located outside the marquee and warm air is introduced through a duct and diffuser.  Spaceintense provide two options (23 and 50 Kilowatt units) and will help you decide on the right combination to keep your event cosy.

Patio heaters

For use outside the marquee and provide 13Kw of infra red heat to an area three metres in diameter.

2 Kw Infra Red heaters

These electrical units are good for small installations.  The influence is not on the air but on surfaces with direct view of the heater.  Each unit has an effect over an area of 3 metres by 6 metres.  The heater is mounted on the eaves rail of the Space.module marquee.