The traditional marquee can be extended from a 40ft Square or Round with one central king pole to over 100ft by adding 20ft middle sections.

The marquee is manufactured in the UK in PVC and features ratchet tensioning at main seams and corners for extra stability.  The fabric conforms to all National and International fire regulations.

Sidewalls are easily adjusted and are supplied either plain or featuring panoramic windows.  These will be fitted to your specification.

Solid double doors can be installed; an asset if the weather is likely to be poor.

Capacity planning

40’ (12m) Square
Up to 100 to dine and dance or 140 to dine only, 280 standing comfortably.

60’ (18m). x 40’ (12m)
Up to 160 to dine and dance or 220 to dine only, 420 standing comfortably.

80’ (24m). x 40’ (12m)
Up to 220 to dine and dance or 300 to dine only, 560 standing comfortably.

100’ (30m). x 40’ (12m)
Up to 280 to dine and dance or 380 to dine only, 680 standing comfortably.

NB. The inclusion of additional furniture (bar or low seating) will impact the above figures which are reasonable maximums.

For larger events the Traditional marquee can be extended in a third or fourth direction by inclusion of one or two T-Sections


The 40ft traditional marquee may be dressed internally by a full pleated Ivory lining made from 3oz, flame retardant, Poly cotton fabric.  The lining can be used to segregate a caterer’s kitchen or to reveal a stage for a band when its time to dance.

If pleated ivory linings are not to your taste there are other ways to dress an unlined traditional marquee. Ceiling scarves are an option or the tensioned outer fabric can be a great surface for projections or dressing with light.